Dinner Bell

Since I've taken a wee pay cut to spend my days cooking, my budgets for dining out and entertaining in have taken a hit too.  I try to shop sales, cut coupons, and hunt for fixed price dinners.  Today there are two awesome deals available in Chicago that I took advantage of and so should you...

Wine Discount Center's Groupon

You get $30 worth of wine for $15.  If you will need to buy wine in the next six months, and with the holidays approaching you will, you need to get this deal.  Hostess gift for Thanksgiving: done!

 a la card 2011

First, buy a deck today (November 4) or tomorrow and get 20% off.  You can also choose from free shipping or a 2010 deck - 2 months left - free.  Perfect Christmas gift - I bought one for myself.  From the a la card website:

"...each card contains a detailed description of the restaurant and is also a $10 gift certificate to that restaurant. The decks retail for $30, making it almost ridiculous to not own one--who doesn't eat out at least three times a year...Additionally, $1 per deck sold is donated to Common Threads."