too legit

Excuses, Excuses. We've been absent this Summer. Not absent from cooking and eating, just absent from writing about it. Andrea's been getting chef's bags delivered straight from the farm to Mado, the amazing restaurant where she cooks and helps with butchering. I've been pilfering those bags and doing less marketing myself. We've both moved into new places and are trying to organize our kitchen cabinets and lives. We are beginning the process of making our catering business legitimate - which entails permits and safety certifications and fees to the city, county, and state... so we're both working overtime trying to pay for it.

We're focusing our business on intimate food gatherings. That doesn't mean we can't handle big crowds, but we don't want to compromise our culinary integrity to do it. Menu planning, endless trips to restaurant depot, standing in long lines at government offices, and sitting down with an accountant are in our very near future. Stay tuned.