Summer of New Food

It was the clementines. I can't remember ever eating one before last summer. Too much Florida orange juice paired with some motion sickness made for a really gross vacation story the summer after sixth grade. I kept my distance from most orange-esque things. When my cousins asked me to peel one for them after dinner one night, I hesitated. But toddlers can be persuasive so I delivered them to the table. I'm always harassing kids about trying foods before they judge them and I was balking at a cute little citrus fruit because of one bad bus riding experience. I tried one segment and was converted.

We ate one after another and I became a true believer. Last summer it was one fruit. This summer I'm trying to expand my palate and my culinary expertise. Every week I am going to purchase (hopefully from a farmers market), prepare, and eat something new (or kinda new) to me. In shopping lists, I'll indicate any new food in italics.

When clementines attack:

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