Meat Market

I have excused myself from my weekly market trip because I've got plenty from last week. Also, I'm going on vacation and need lots of time to transfer all of my toiletries into TSA sanctioned containers. Instead: strange stories about meat.

Big Joe's is a bar stumbling distance from my apartment. Famous for turtle races on Friday nights and having many dart boards every night, Big Joe's is a nice place to watch the game and listen to stories from regulars with names like Wild Bill. My friend Katherine and I met for drinks there around 8:00 Wednesday. Suddenly it was midnight, way past my bedtime and I needed to finish my drink. Then the truck pulled up:

A large mustachioed man in a lab coat opened the door and shouted "Sgt. Slaughter has arrived!" He then moved a table into the center of the bar and chopped some meats and cheeses on a paper towel for the drunkards to sample:

I wondered aloud, if these products were handled according to food safety regulations. "Screw that", said the many patrons wolfing down the free eats. I tried a slice of sausage, but winced when Sgt.* Slaughter used several choice prepared phrases about "jerking jerky", etc. Katherine, however, purchased one of the giant sausages for a mere $10, ate it, and has lived to tell the tale.

This Slaughter guy claimed to have made roughly half of the menu items himself for Perl's Sausage Company, but the truck he drove said he worked for a company called Deli Direct. I guess he's got his drunk market targeted - the bartender said he stops by every month or so. Have you ever witnessed the bar turned meat market?

I think they may be on to something with the whole salty meats for late night bar flies. But I'm a little weary of the methods of delivery. So I think I'd like to try Whiskey Road on Mondays:

Kris & Frankie below my favorite sign in Chicago

*Though he was wearing a Vietnam Veterans t-shirt, I have not verified Mr. Slaughter has actually attained the rank of Sergeant.


Back Garage said...

I just think serving food like that to drunk people is genius business. Like the tamale man, but meatier. Delish!

Carrie Mason said...

LOL, great post. I love meat at the bar. Here we have chuanr guys who cook your order mini lamb kebobs outside and bring it into the bar when it's ready. As an added bonus, he'll keep an eye on your bike so it doesn't wander off into the back of someone's truck. I never knew I liked lamb until I came to China and now I eat it all the time. Mmmm

p.s. I have no idea how I'm suddenly able to access and leave comments on a Blogger site but don't expect it to last.

Anonymous said...

That is the Chicago area legend, GI Joe Perl, "The Meat Man". He is in business with his brother Barron Perl. They own Deli Direct as second generation sausage purveyors. Their father was in the business for years and years (Perl Sausage), Perl's All American Sausage Company. They very generously give out free sausage at many many bars across the Midwest.