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Do yourself a favor this holiday week: start drinking early.

I love the bloodys at Tweet, a popular brunch spot attached to a gay bar in Uptown (also home of the only decent biscuits and gravy I've had in Chicago - someone please explain why the second city doesn't understand cream gravy!).  A couple of years ago, I broke down and asked the bartender for his secret to spicy and flavorful bloody marys.  He used Absolut Peppar, Sriracha (now a big food trend) and cracked black pepper.  I've tinkered with the recipe because I like mine really strong and spicy, so scale back if you can't stand the heat or hold your liquor.  I'm responsible for turning a recent Sunday brunch amongst friends into quite a few Monday morning hangovers. Combining sources makes for a depth of flavor in addition to just plain heat.  This recipe fits nicely in a pint glass, which is my recommended dosage.

Damn Good Bloody Mary
4 oz. good vodka
4 oz. Clamato
4 oz. Tomato or Vegetable Juice
1 tsp. horseradish (prepared, less if using fresh grated)
1 tsp. sriracha
3-4 dashes cholula (or tabasco)
3-4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
pinch black pepper
celery salt
celery seed
lime wedges

pickled pepperocini peppers
blue cheese stuffed olives
mortadella slices
blanched asparagus
pepperoni sticks
bell pepper slices
cheese cubes
cucumber spears (or pickles)

Combine a tablespoon of celery salt with a teaspoon of celery seeds on a saucer or small plate.  Rub a lime wedge around the glass' rim and dip it onto the plate of seasonings to coat.  Add some ice to glass, followed by the vodka, horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire and pepper.  Then add the tomato and clamato juices and stir to combine.  Garnish with preferred fixings.  Drink.

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