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I started off the new year wrong: with a stupid kitchen injury.  It was in the hallway rather than the kitchen and I wasn't even cooking anything.  Like most culinary injuries, mine was completely preventable and totally my fault.  Kris' iron skillet was never really cared for properly, so I've been planning to replace it.  Left with few surfaces during a flurry of baking over the holidays, I chucked the thing on top of a pile of boxes destined for the recycling bin.  Lately we've been enjoying our time off for the holidays, partying late with friends, sleeping in, and avoiding such responsibilities as doing dishes and disposing of garbage.  While putting on my galoshes in the hallway on January 1, the pile of cardboard shifted, and the damn rusty skillet fell on my heel. 

After cursing myself loudly, I continued on with my evening.  This was the first of probably many 2010 culinary abuses to come.  Last year I avoided burning myself, but several cooking marathons left me bleary-eyed with wounds to show for my tired knife skills.  And I always manage to cut through my nail bed.  While catering for a wedding, I reached into a soapy sink full of dishes to find a pile of broken glass in the drain left by the kitchen's previous occupants.  And I'm a gusher.  I have a bleeding disorder that makes it difficult to clot.  Last year also brought me a concussion, broken toe, and nearly broken nose from co-ed athletic pursuits.  I'll try to be more careful in the new year, but I'm just accident prone. 

What kind of nightmare kitchen battle scars do you have?

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me said...

Well, I wasn't cooking but I was in the kitchen.
We were going to have pasties for lunch, and the maid had just taken them out of the oven. I was on my way to get some paper napkins and my arm met the roasting dish in which the pasties were so I got burnt. The burn was little but looked awful, some kinda a chorizo, a pork sausage.
Anyway now it's ok.
Hope you don't get any injuries at least in what's left of January!