wicker park market

I slept in Saturday, missing my regular Green City Market trip. The Wicker Park & Bucktown Market (Sundays 7am - 2pm) is very small, but shares three big vendors with my usual haunt. Seedling always has perfect fruit, Nichols Farm has the largest selection and most variety, and Iron Creek Farms has the most gorgeous tomatoes and more. I've found most of these smaller neighborhood markets (Edgewater!) to be decent and less crowded than the Green City Market. If you find yourself in desperate need of seasonable vegetables, check out your local schedule - you might find one just down the block.

Three bags $30

9 red African eggplants pictured above
4 yellow and red peppers
1 huge zucchini
1 gigantic yellow squash
1 bag garlic dill cheese curds
10 ears of sweet corn
1 bottle raspberry vinegar
1 box of lynch berries/tomato berries


{m} said...

Hi Allison! I just wanted to leave you a note saying not only have I been reading your blog, but you inspired me to stop at a roadside stand and buy fresh produce instead of picking stuff up at the store. I have some AWESOME stuff to try out, and have you to thank for it!

allison said...

Thanks so much! Don't you just love finding those cardboard signs and families with a pickup truck full of watermelons or tomatoes? Keep it up.