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Sophisticated Superbowl party be damned - I'm craving melted cheese product and deep fried meat.  I've been inundated with bullshit tips for fancying up a party that, at its core, is about grown-ups slamming in to each other so other grown-ups can watch, bet on, and holler about said violence.  Football is meant to be enjoyed while drinking from a plastic cup and eating with your hands.  Superbowl Sunday is not the time to bring out your grandmother's china or press your antique linen napkins into service.

Cutting open a bag of pizza rolls isn't mandatory either - you could make your own pizadillas, or homemade pizzas with individualized toppings for your guests.

I was glad to see Andrew Knowlton come out with some nacho rules to live by this week.

Serious Eats threatens to piss off all of Buffalo, NY, by taste testing alternatives to the one true wing.

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn sounds amazing, but I haven't tried it yet.  I'm probably going to make another batch of the way better than cracker-jack caramel corn from Orangette this weekend.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of food snobbery.  I should know.  Kris has a "special recipe" for guacamole that involves a smart ratio of prepackaged spice mixes with expertly chosen ripe avocados, tomatoes, and lime juice.  "Delicious!" is exclaimed by someone every single time he serves it.  Because it is.  I like to make my own with garlic, shallots, cilantro, jalapeno, lime zest and juice, and cracked pepper.  But I also love to eat his version.  So we'll be serving it this Sunday along with:

buffalo wings: celery, carrots, blue cheese, ranch
babyback ribs: Gates and Stubb's sauce to satisfy our regional differences of opinion
chips and "queso": velveeta, rotel, sausage
potato salad: carbs!
deviled eggs: if I have time to make them
18 domestic beers: we're having a taste-test
caramel corn: with peanuts for protein

Gussy up your comfort food all you want.  I'm allowing myself a reprieve from my food pretension.  For at least one night anyway.

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