Sweet Sunshine

I've had a dreary couple of days.  I lost my best purple hat...among other things.  I keep forgetting to eat.  Sinus headaches and financial burdens and CTA cutbacks, oh my!  But something strange has been happening this week around Chicago.  The sun is back and hasn't just been shyly peeking out from behind clouds.  This is bright, sneeze inducing, dont-forget-your-sunglasses sunshine.

Though it was annoying to wait longer than usual for a bus (especially without a hat), I was glad to be on the sunny side of the street this morning with friends for company and pastries on the horizon.  We arrived at Logan Square Kitchen at 11:00 am, and it was packed.  A smiley kid with pigtails and a cupcake frosting mustache in the doorway indicated what we were in for: attractively packaged cute-sized goodies made by people who care a lot about food.  The lines were so deep, people didn't even know which vendor they were queued up for.  "Are those macarons? I can't see anything!" said a woman shorter than me on her tippy toes.  They were, in fact.  And they were almost sold out even though the event was to continue to 3:00 pm.  It was an overwhelming and successful crowd for the vendors.  It definitely brought attention to a beautiful shared use kitchen and green event space. 

I knew a lot of the products already, so I used this bakery bonanza as an opportunity to try out something new.  Lots of treats were sampled, but this is what I splurged on:

2 meyer lemon Chicago Macarons $3
Rich Chocolates pâte de fruit $6
Rare Bird meyer lemon rosemary preserves $8
B True Bakery apricot ginger oatmeal cookies $2
Porte Rouge black tea $1

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