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Some people are up in arms about the way young hipster creative types use their food stamps to buy foodie luxuries like organic produce.  I don't really give a shit how you use your small government subsidy - you qualify based on need and there are rules to ensure you actually buy food, so go for it.  Loved this smarty-pants response to the hundreds of angry judgmental comments making the rounds online.  You're damned if you buy Fritos and Pepsi, You're damned if you buy baby bok choy and salmon.

Speaking of damned...prepare to be horrified by the journal of an anonymous Chicago Public School teacher who's been eating and chronicling school lunches daily.  I qualified for free school lunch and remember little smokies day fondly, but also the disgusting overcooked canned vegetables, cardboard pizza, and the ground meat that passed for nacho topping one day and spaghetti sauce the next.  Gross.  Have you joined Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?

You should follow RuthBourdain on twitter.  You will laugh at this mashup of Ruth Reichl's poetic twitter posts as seen through the imagined drug haze fogged lens of Anthony Bourdain.  Ruth and Tony think it is hilarious.

Facebook connected me to another blast from my past - this time to Bobbi who I remember being the most friendly, smiley person at my school.  She was even nice to jaded angsty teenage me!  She's a ridiculously talented photographer, the spunky red-headed wife half of bobbi+mike, and blogger extraordinaire/ray of sunshine on the scary internet.  I walked her through making a German chocolate cake for her mother's birthday using twitter, facebook, and text messages only.  I should start a social media food emergency hotline!

If you, like me, missed the Family Farmed Expo, you should check out Martha Bayne's coverage of the event for the Reader.  I enviously followed her live tweets while I was at work.

For some reason, eating while sick has been a popular topic recently: from The Stew What do you eat when you have a stormy stomach? and Epi-Log's What do you eat when your sick?  For the record, I prefer saltines and lemon-lime soda. 

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Carrie Mason said...

Thanks for the good reads.

Carrie Mason said...

Ah, I wasn't done typing! I was going to say, with your cash-paid work I bet you qualify for food stamps. Ever applied?

allison said...

Those cash paid days are long gone...now I've moved on to cash-strapped unemployment. If I don't find a day job within the next month or so, I might just have to apply.

bobbi said...

YES YES YESSSSS!!!!!! Thank you SO much for your help Allison!!!!! You seriously saved the day :)

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