going pro

I keep planning to update this lonely little blog.  A post on getting kids to eat their vegetables.  A response to Michael Ruhlman's Why I Cook post.  One on how to successfully pack and move a kitchen.  A list of my favorite recipes highlighting asparagus.  Finding the time in my life and space in my brain to write has been nearly impossible.  I moved on May 1st, from an apartment with a dream kitchen into one with very little cabinet space and a washer next to the fridge.  I catered a big party in the suburbs.  I've been doing personal chef work for a family with their third baby on the way.  I landed a new job doing what I love.

I am finally cooking and getting paid for it.  Full-time.

Finding a job in food with no culinary degree has been harder than I thought.  In media interviews, chefs advise people to jump into a kitchen, work your way up the ladder, and learn trial by fire.  On craigslist, their ads sternly warn against applicants without a degree and five years on the line.  I applied for about 150 food jobs before I started getting called back.  I worked for two days in a horrendous kitchen that lacked sanitation and basic respect before quitting.  I was discouraged, but knew I could cook if given the chance.  I staged (worked for free) at a couple of very nice places and got to know my way around a working kitchen - one where I wasn't in charge.  Now I've found a lovely new home cooking at Hoosier Mama Pie Company.  I'm the kitchen's savory cook, making pot-pies, hand pies and quiche, but I'm learning a lot about pastry and sweet stuff too.  I found an awesome chef with a great staff who took a chance on me.  I am now very proud to say "cook" when people ask what I do for a living.

I'm planning to unpack my new apartment, get settled into my new work schedule, and maybe treat myself to a massage and a bottle or two of red wine.  After that, I'll write more.

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