Another Sunny Day

With good friends in town, I'd rather wait an hour at Kuma's Corner than slave away at the grill.  Waited only an hour because we got there at 11:30 (when they open).  Arrive early, kids.  Slayer: pile of fries topped with 1/2 lb. burger, chili, cherry peppers, andouille, onions, jack cheese, and anger.  $13

 I don't so much soak up the Chicago Summer sun as much as I hide from it under two layers of sunscreen, a floppy garden hat, giant sunglasses and often an umbrella.  But I do love to eat and drink outside.  Luckily for me (and my fellow fair-skinned dining partner) Jam has a lovely shaded patio. (Three)dom of Choice, except I chose five instead of three options: two eggs scrambled with taleggio, jam & toast, pork belly, fingerling potatoes, fresh fruit and also English breakfast tea.  $17

If you want to eat the best croissant in Chicago, go to Floriole.  The Green City Market sticky bun favorite is now also a beautiful bakery in Lincoln Park. First trip: ham and cheese croissant, quiche, caramel pot de creme, lemon macaron, Hibiscus tea, Limonata. $20 - ish


Matt said...

I tried to go to Kuma's, and I'm not that particular about loud music, but I'll be damned if I was going to try and enjoy a meal with death metal blasting at a volume where I couldn't even communicate with someone a foot away from my face. I said the hell with it and went over to Burger King. Is it always so over-the-top macho/trashy in there?

allison said...

Kuma's is always loud, yes. But we chose to eat on the patio which is shaded, not as crowded, and a lot quieter than inside.