actual insanity

My insanely enjoyable weekend culminated in a thirty-minute trip on the 50 Damen bus with a lippy intoxicated mentally ill woman. It is really hard to concentrate on the intricacies of the history of british postpunk when a woman is jumping around, grabbing her crotch repeatedly, and streaming foul language at a nearby infant. That small incident aside, the last few days have included a cubs sweep of the sox, some lucrative babysitting, Hideout's soul music dance party, and a bachelor party that lasted three days. I managed to squeeze in a 7:40 AM trip to the green market on my way to work Saturday, but I also managed to stupidly leave all of my food in the fridge where I worked.

my cheap week: $18
1 bunch peppermint
1 bunch flat leaf parsley
.5 lb oyster mushrooms
2 bunches purple asparagus
Japanese turnips
Chinese Shunkyo semi-long red radishes

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Lardy Be said...

I was grabbing my crotch repeatedly during the entire three day bender. Wait a minute. hehe

Hope you get your grub back from the fridge! Better get crackin' on those delicious cherry tomatoes you spoke of...