bacony chocolate

I put bacon in Thanksgiving stuffing, baked beans, salads, deviled eggs, and on pizza. I have even worn a band-aid shaped like the stuff. Last year, I excitedly read about the Vosges bacon chocolate bar and added it to my list of pork things to check out (like bacon salt). Tonight I stopped into Whole Foods with my friend Phil for an exotic ingredient he was missing for a new recipe. I purposefully left my wallet in the car to avoid the tractor beam that is the produce department. Sadly empty handed, I drooled over the super expensive chocolates on the customer service desk while we checked out. I asked the clerk if he’d tasted the bacon chocolate bar, but he meekly admitted to refraining from pork. Another employee overheard the exchange and had tried it. Noting the wild jealousy in my eyes, she offered me a small bar FREE. (This was our second dessert score of the night – Phil randomly won an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie earlier for naming the bad classic rock band on the radio at Potbelly)

Vosges Haute Chocolat
Mo’s Bacon Bar .5 oz.

At first you just taste milk chocolate. The salt comes next. I could smell the subtle bacon essence, but thought I was missing the taste. Then I felt a crunch. The bar appears smooth and shiny, but surreptitiously contains tiny crispy pork bits. They imbed themselves in your molars so the bacony goodness lingers. Not sure I'd shell out the $8 for a full sized bar. But if you find a small one, try it.


Lardy Be said...

Sounds delicious! I've been meaning to try some of those spicy chili chocolates they are always talking about on Food Network too.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the "bad classic rock band" was none other than Golden Earring and the song was "Radar Love." As a lowly vegetarian, I'll never know the joy which is the bacon chocolate bar. [Sheds real tear.]

Andrea said...

I had Fig Beignets with bacon icecream at Blackbird on Randolph. It was incredible. i just checked and its not on their summer menu, but if they bring it back next winter, you should go there and try it out!