mountain of radishes

Managed to wake up early, despite tipsily playing Rock Band until nearly 4 am. Hopped up on caffeine I hopped a bus to the market - arriving by 9:15. Every week I get there earlier, and I think everyone else does too. If only I could escape the clutches of live band karaoke and $7 vodka tonic pints on Friday nights. My egg guy was sold out again. Damn. But another farmer picked up the slack with more expensive and smaller ones.

I went a little radish crazy. First I spotted some mammoth radishes. For only $2, I couldn't pass them up. When I was looking for mint, I happened across some icicle radishes also for $2. On my way out of the park, I accidentally spotted some easter egg radishes too - from a Chicago farm - and had to have them. I think I'll pickle some of them.

My bag this week ($21)
2 heirloom tomatoes
1 bunch icicle radishes
1 bunch easter egg radishes
1 bunch huge red radishes
2 bunches spearmint
1 bag baby bok choy
dozen eggs

I made mint green tea this morning and had a salad with the tomatoes and radishes tonight. In between I ate a half slab of spicy ribs from Cy's Steakhouse & Tavern at ribfest. The best bbq in Chicago I've had. Maybe fried rice with bok choy later this week.

I killed my purple basil plant from last week already, but the big green one is still kicking.

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